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Letters to the Editor: December 2014

KanColle ~Conspiracy Collection~ SIR― I am disappointed that you have chosen to report the oft-repeated but little-examined view that North Korea is behind the Kancolle attacks. As an experienced DRPK…


Letters to the Editor: November 2014

Super High Me SIR― It is a poorly-kept secret within the anime industry that male characters are not voiced by males, but rather, freshmen voice actresses being hazed by their…


Letters to the Editor: October 2014

He Said;She Said SIR― The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea is enraged by your libelous poison. The Brilliant Comrade would never watch anything as morally bankrupt as Love Live. As we have noted…


Letters to the Editor: July 2014

We’re Going Legit-nyaa! SIR― In your recent article about Nyaa issuing DMCA takedowns (link), you allege that Fakku is ‘getting bad press.’ While this may be true, it is important…


Hundreds Mugged as Bewildered Otaku Visit New Jersey

CAMDEN, NJ― The Camden Police Department, already suffering from a critical shortage of manpower, has a new problem on their hands. Since last week, an abnormal surge in interest in…


Lonely Otaku Spends Entire Vacation Missing Anime Expo

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Rio de Janeiro is famous around the world as the “Cidade Maravilhosa“, but one anxious tourist just doesn’t understand its charms. Kevin Swift, an American tourist and…


Otaku Petitions Government to Stop Calling Lolicon Manga “Child Pornography”

TOKYO, Japan ― Less than a month after the Tokyo Metropolitan government’s unprecedented decision to begin enforcing tighter controls of printed media, the otaku community has begun to fight back….


Tokyo Designates Oreimo ‘Unwholesome for Minors’

TOKYO, Japan — The Tokyo metropolitan government has ordered a cease on sales of all merchandise, including manga, novels, doujinshi, and goods, of the runaway hit series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani…


General Mills Announces Sale of Nature Valley to Undisclosed Animation Studio

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — General Mills, the Golden Valley, MN-based manufacturer of food products, has shaken up the processed foods industry by announcing the immediate spin-off of its Nature Valley brand…