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Char-Broil Charcoal 780 Wins Reddit Best Grill Contest

Earlier today, voting concluded on the Reddit Best Grill Contest, an online poll hosted by Reddit user ShakeShacKing where posters on /r/grilling nominated and voted on the best grill of…


Funimation Announces SimulDub of ‘The Emoji Movie’

After the announcement on August 1 that Funimation had been purchased by Sony Pictures, Funimation announced today their first project in association with Sony — an English dub release of Sony’s…


Anime Community Decides to Just Sit Out This Season

In a joint statement to the press, the anime community at large has collectively decided to pick up no new airing shows this season. After giving dozens of anime the…

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Welcome to the Ballroom Praised for its Representation of Giraffe People

Welcome to the Ballroom premiered earlier this month, and has drawn attention from various online anime critics for its positive and subtle portrayal of long-necked half-giraffe people throughout its cast….


Man Supports Anime Industry By Playing Little Witch Academia Muted in the Background

UTICA, NY — Anime fan Aaron Foster showed his ardent support for the anime industry this week by streaming Little Witch Academia muted in the background on Netflix while doing other…


Giant Dragon Summoned During Dragon Ball Puzzle Hunt

LOS ANGLES, CA — Anime Expo attendees fled the dealer’s hall today as a giant dragon was summoned during the “Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt” event. The Dragon Ball Puzzle Hunt…


Leaked Senate Healthcare Plan Gives Out Free Crunchyroll Subscriptions as Birth Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Capitol Hill insiders have leaked to the media that the GOP healthcare bill currently being pressed in the Senate includes a stipulation replacing Planned Parenthood and all other…


Businesses With Pokemon Go Gyms Still Seeing Boost to Loitering Numbers

The smartphone app Pokemon Go has been out for nearly a year, and while its overall popularity has decreased, businesses whose locations are Pokemon Go gyms are still reporting an…


Morgan Freeman to Narrate Documentary About Penguin who Fell in Love with Anime Character Cutout

Today Warner Brothers announced that Morgan Freeman will be narrating an upcoming documentary about a penguin named Grape-kun from the Tobu Zoo in Japan. Grape-kun recently gained fame for falling…


Deep Analysis: What Do You Do At The End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?

As I have written before, many questions pose deep philosophical questions to their audiences, and I am constantly trying to find the answers to those questions. In a previous column…