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Man Can’t Admit He Likes ‘Sword Art Online’

SAN DIEGO, CA – Andy Seung is an avid anime watcher and a long time Sword Art Online fan. His collection of Sword Art Online light novels, video games, figures, posters, and…


Engrish to Become Second Official Language of Japan

TOKYO, Japan – The National Diet of Japan, announced earlier today the decision to instate Engrish as an official language in Japan, effectively giving the country official bilingual status. With…


MyAnimeList Review Found Helpful by Zero People

In a shocking discovery, MyAnimeList user Darren Mackenzie found an anime review he posted to the site over a year ago to still have exactly zero people that have found…


Ahogamer Reviews: Fire Emblem Awakening

  Hello gamers. It’s been a little over a week since the most recent Nintendo Direct in which information regarding four new Fire Emblem games was announced, and just over…


Loot Anime January Theme to be “Reality Check”

Loot Crate, the monthly subscription service that delivers geek or gaming-related merchandise, has announced that the theme of their sub category box, Loot Anime, for the month of January will be…


Anime News Outlet Runs Out of Ideas

Anime Maru, the world leader in satirical anime news coverage, seems to have shockingly run out of anime and news stories to parody, now reaching out to its readers for more ideas. This came as a disturbing revelation to the world when avid readers realized the recent announcement of the Anime Maru writing contest post was not, in fact, a joke.