Beyblade Creator Announces New Series About Competitive Fidget Spinning


With the phenomenon known as fidget spinners on the rapid rise, Beyblade creator Takao Aoki has teamed up with past collaborator Madhouse to launch a new project based around the hugely popular toy. The announcement included a brief synopsis of the series:

Spectrum Revolution Masters follows the career of professional fidget spinner Kagaya Kirizuto, who discovered his passion in middle school.

“It is the year 2069, and fidget spinning is now a mainstream competitive sport. Every five years, the Spinmaster Series is held, in which the world’s best spinners battle for a spot in The Spectrum – an elite circle of legendary fidget spinners. Join Kagaya as he dons his plot armor to claim victory and fulfill his dream of being on The Spectrum”

The announcement has met widespread positive acclaim, with critics lauding Aoki’s decision to take direct inspiration from modern culture as “brave” and “unprecedented”, with another stating that the series’ offbeat premise allows it to “distinguish itself from the done-to-death sports anime genre”.

A 50-episode anime is slated to begin airing in July, with a Blu-Ray release following shortly. A ¥70,000 JPY collector’s edition set, limited to 30 reservations, will include a carbon-fiber fidget spinner with ceramic ABEC-9 rated bearings, modeled after the one used by Kagaya in the anime.

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