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Op-Ed: Hear Me Out — Repealing Net Neutrality Makes It Harder to Watch Bad Anime

Ajit Pai Chairman, Federal Communications Commission It’s been a pretty active last few weeks for me and the folks working at the FCC. Since I’ve announced that we are taking formal…


Op-Ed: I Watched One Episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ and Determined American TV is for Perverts

Ken Garry Anime Journalist As a consumer and critic of anime, I constantly get commenters trying to get me to branch out into American television, much to my dismay and…


Op-Ed: Miku Joins Big Boi to Drop the Hottest Banger of 2017

DJ LyCheE SoundCloud DJ When Hatsune Miku joined Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label earlier this year, there were some that were skeptical of the duo’s ability to produce. As a…


Op-Ed: A Parent’s Guide To ‘Mad Bull 34’

In a world where such filth as Eromanga Sensei and Hand Holders is allowed to air on TV, it’s important that we look about at the landmark series from our youth. I am of course talking about the 1990 OVA classic Mad Bull 34. Now this is a series that any red-blooded American can enjoy, and teaches valuable lessons to children today.


Op-Ed: An Rational Objectivist’s Review of ‘Gabriel DropOut’

David Freitag Proud Atheist Otaku Today I will be giving my thoughts on one of the most popular anime this past season: Gabriel DropOut. Fellow otaku laud it for its interesting premise,…


Op-Ed: The New Miku Game is Shit But You’ll Still Buy it

Hiroyuki Itoh Crypton Future Media Yeah, you fucking trash weeb. I’m talking to you. We have the ultimate cash cow here, and there’s nothing you can do about it. We…

Ayn and Wolf

Ayn Rand Anime Reviews

Today’s guest article is courtesy of a Certain Objectivist Ayndex.   Mushishi – A grifter travels from town to town preying upon the mystic irrationality of oriental peasants. This would…


Op-Ed: Wow, You Guys Really Will Watch Anything We Make

Ishihara Tatsuya Kyoto Animation We’re honestly kind of surprised that so many people are watching Myriad Colors Phantom World. We made a terrible generic anime, and worse yet, you all couldn’t…


Op-Ed: Anime Avatars Key for Recruiters to Find Ideal Candidates

Today’s work environment is completely different from that of twenty – even ten years ago. The new generation coming into the workforce is more connected and tech-savvy than ever, and social media has become critical in the hiring process. The ability to leverage social media in the hiring process has befuddled countless employers, but I can confidently share one thing instantly spotted on social media profiles to identify a strong candidate: an anime avatar.

Op-Ed: Please Stop Recommending Weeb Names for Features On Pluto

Cameron Onana New Horizons Science Team I would like to begin my letter by thanking the anime community for their interest in the New Horizons mission and the exciting things…