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Barnes and Noble Apparently Sells Idolmaster Figures Now

CEDAR PARK, TX — Reports have come in from anime fan Pedro Serrano that bookseller Barnes and Noble now apparently sells iDOLM@STER figures. “I came into Barnes and Noble to…


FedEx to Deploy AE86 Fleet to Meet Holiday Shipping Demand

The second largest shipping company in the United States announced recently that it would be acquiring additional vehicles to supplement its fleet during the holidays. The particular vehicle chosen would…


It’s Not Gambling if the Girls are Cute Enough, Rules Japanese Agency

With the recent investigation by some countries into whether or not certain elements in video games could be considered gambling, Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency also began investigations this week into…


College Party Turns Awkward After DJ Starts Playing Vocaloid

PULLMAN, WA – A local college party went from casual celebration to socially awkward gathering when the DJ recruited for the evening began mixing various Vocaloid tracks into his set. Attendees…


Aqours Considering New Options at Center Due to Chika Takami’s Poor Rebounding

Chika Takami’s role as center for the school idol group Aqours has been called into question after a series of poor performances, culminating in an abysmal 91-88 loss to the New…


Lerche Sues ‘Girls’ Last Tour’ Staff for Making Better ‘Kino’s Journey’ Adaptation Than Them

Anime studio Lerche filed a lawsuit earlier today against White Fox and the staff of Girls’ Last Tour, claiming that White Fox’s adaptation steals ideas from Kino’s Journey and is a substantially better anime…


Japanese Man Hospitalized After Seeing Genitals in Adult Video

YOKOHAMA, Japan — 24-year-old Nobue Morii was sent to the hospital early Monday morning after accidentally viewing an adult video that had uncensored genitalia. According to investigators, Morii was watching…


New Anime Takes Place in Alternate World Without Alternate World Anime

Avex Pictures has released a trailer today for Isekai no Nai Sekai (A World Without Parallel Worlds), an upcoming TV anime based on a series of light novels of the same name….


Local Man Frantically Tries to Fake a Normal Life Before Arrival of Relatives

FAYETTEVILLE, NC — A local man frantically attempted to get his home into a state of normality this morning before the arrival of his relatives for the Thanksgiving holiday. Henry Noxton,…


New ‘Kaiji’ Anime to Feature Lootboxes

A new season of the popular anime franchise Kaiji was announced earlier this week, bringing viewers back into the eponymous character’s struggle for survival in the world of high-stakes gambling. Based on the…