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Single Helpful Review Discovered on Steam Visual Novel

Steam users were shocked to discovered that a recent review posted to the Steam page for Neko Para Vol. 3 could actually be considered helpful. The review, which praises the…


Char-Broil Charcoal 780 Wins Reddit Best Grill Contest

Earlier today, voting concluded on the Reddit Best Grill Contest, an online poll hosted by Reddit user ShakeShacKing where posters on /r/grilling nominated and voted on the best grill of…


New Mobile Game Sweeping Japan is Actually Just Random Number Generator

A new mobile game released in Japan earlier this month called Fortuna Mobile Revolution has gained nearly 100 thousand subscribers in a matter of days. The game, based on the cryptographically secure…


‘Luck and Logic’ Wiki Site Crucial Resource to Understand the Deep, Complex Anime

Seven episodes into the currently airing series, people watching Hina Logi: From Luck and Logic have struggled to keep up with the anime’s intricate plot and complex lore. The series, animated…


Funimation Announces SimulDub of ‘The Emoji Movie’

After the announcement on August 1 that Funimation had been purchased by Sony Pictures, Funimation announced today their first project in association with Sony — an English dub release of Sony’s…

That One Site that Streamed ‘One Punch Man’ to Shut Down this Fall

That one website where people went to watch One Punch Man a few years ago has announced that it will end streaming services and shut down on October 31 of this…


Local Man’s Search for Yuri Inhibited by ‘Yuri on Ice’

PLAINFIELD, IN — A man’s online search for yuri has become increasingly difficult due to the rise in popularity of the anime series Yuri on Ice, local sources claim. Steven…


Anime Community Decides to Just Sit Out This Season

In a joint statement to the press, the anime community at large has collectively decided to pick up no new airing shows this season. After giving dozens of anime the…

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Welcome to the Ballroom Praised for its Representation of Giraffe People

Welcome to the Ballroom premiered earlier this month, and has drawn attention from various online anime critics for its positive and subtle portrayal of long-necked half-giraffe people throughout its cast….


Sentai Filmworks to Begin Dubbing Using Text-to-Speech Program

Sentai Filmworks, a Texas-based anime licensing company, recently announced its plans to expand its capability to deliver more English dubbed anime to their audience. In the wake of many emerging…