Trigger Announces Limited Edition 50 Volume Blu-Ray Release of ‘Space Patrol Luluco’

Following the huge success of the Little Witch Academia limited edition Blu-ray set, which features the first three episodes of the show for a bargain price of ¥6,800, Studio Trigger has announced…


New ‘Monogatari’ Thing Apparently Airing this Summer

The official website for the Monogatari anime series, based off Nisioisin’s light novel franchise of the same name, announced that a new anime related to the franchise will air this summer titled Owarimonogatari….


Op-Ed: Miku Joins Big Boi to Drop the Hottest Banger of 2017

DJ LyCheE SoundCloud DJ When Hatsune Miku joined Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label earlier this year, there were some that were skeptical of the duo’s ability to produce. As a…


West Coast Prepares for Upcoming ‘Eromanga Sensei’ Backlash

Major West Coast metropolitan areas are preparing this week for what experts are predicting could be the worst wave of backlash since 2013. The cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles,…


Leaked Senate Healthcare Plan Gives Out Free Crunchyroll Subscriptions as Birth Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Capitol Hill insiders have leaked to the media that the GOP healthcare bill currently being pressed in the Senate includes a stipulation replacing Planned Parenthood and all other…


Anime Only Thing in Man’s Life That is Organized

OPELOUSAS, LA — Mason Dougherty sits quietly in his room — full of crooked wall scrolls, misplaced figures, and empty tissue boxes stacked ceiling-high — staring forlornly at his computer screen. It’s been…


Engrish to Become Second Official Language of Japan

TOKYO, Japan – The National Diet of Japan, announced earlier today the decision to instate Engrish as an official language in Japan, effectively giving the country official bilingual status. With…


‘Made in Abyss’ Director Hints at Dark, Scary Adaptation

Representatives from Kinema Citrus revealed a new marketing strategy earlier this week for the upcoming anime adaption of Made in Abyss. In order to replicate the manga’s eerie atmosphere, the…


Businesses With Pokemon Go Gyms Still Seeing Boost to Loitering Numbers

The smartphone app Pokemon Go has been out for nearly a year, and while its overall popularity has decreased, businesses whose locations are Pokemon Go gyms are still reporting an…


Missed the WWDC 2017 Keynote? Here’s what you need to know

In the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, otaku around the world felt a close kinship with the $750 billion tech giant. Apple revealed its clear support for anime and endorsement…