Pokemon Sun and Moon Boosts Tourism to the Alola Region

  Today the Alolan tourism board announced that the region’s tourism has nearly tripled ever since the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which feature Alola as their setting. “Alola…


Umaru-chan Season 2 Announcement Definitively Proves There is no God

Theists and scientists around the world have come to the consensus that the announcement of a second season for the notorious anime Himouto! Umaru-chan proves once and for all that…

A live look at Anime Maru HQ (according to tax purposes) in the wake of the announcement

Anime Maru Labeled as “Harmful and Misleading News Source”

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation recently published a list of news and media sources that it deemed “inadequate or harmful in representing anime culture”. Among the claims, Anime…


Man Scammed Out of Thousands of Dollars in Fraudulent Anime Scheme

MILWAUKEE, WI — A 34-year-old local resident was shocked to discover this week that the anime DVD collection he has been amassing over the past several years was largely fake.
James Teager told Anime Maru that he has been buying DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks for over decade, building up a collection of over 500 series. The accumulation of his life’s work, however, has not paid off. According to Teager, at least half do not contain discs at all — he has found blank discs, change, and pieces of cardboard, inside the packaging where anime movies and TV shows should be.


Local Theater Caught Showing ‘Kokoro Connect’ Instead of ‘Your Name’

CHESTERFIELD, MO — A locally-owned theater has been forced to apologize after duping patrons eager to see Makoto Shinkai’s award-winning film Your Name and instead screening the first five episodes of the…

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Dr. Otaku’s Corner: Career Advice and the Content Industry

Salutations, readers, to Dr. Otaku’s Corner. I have returned to serving my duty of dispensing politically correct opinions for your insight. With my extensive internet-based database and procedurally-generated algorithms, there…


Deep Analysis: The Complex Characters of ‘One Room’

The director of the newly aired anime series One Room publicly announced this week his dissatisfaction with viewer reception of the series thus far. One Room was met with muddled…


Anime Maru Bought Out by Buzzfeed

Hello, loyal weebs, we here at Anime Maru are pleased to announce that after many wonderful years of bringing you 100% accurate anime news, we have been bought out by Buzzfeed…


Op-Ed: An Rational Objectivist’s Review of ‘Gabriel DropOut’

David Freitag Proud Atheist Otaku Today I will be giving my thoughts on one of the most popular anime this past season: Gabriel DropOut. Fellow otaku laud it for its interesting premise,…


‘Scorching Ping Pong Girls’ Blu-Ray to Ship Sweaty Limited Edition

The upcoming final limited edition volume of the anime series Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (Scorching Ping Pong Girls) was recently revealed to be shipping with an additional bonus to entice…