Prime Minister Shinzo Abe engaging in awkward flirtation and sexual innuendo with little sister Keiko

Japan Ends Incest Taboo in Attempt to Reduce its Prevalence in Anime

TOKYO – The Japanese government announced an official end to the country’s taboo on sibling incest in an attempt to make the topic less common in anime and manga. Government…


Japanese ‘Ping Pong the Animation’ Viewers Unfamiliar with Concept of Subtitles

OSAKA — While the critical reception of the new anime Ping Pong the Animation has been generally positive, Tatsunoko Productions has been overwhelmed with fan complaints that they cannot follow the dialogue…


International Idol Dispute Leads to Nuclear War

NEW YORK CITY — Talks at the UN Headquarters today ended in disaster as world leaders clashed over fictional idols. The escalation occurred after North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un…


Online Doujin Community Spawns Literary Criticism Movement

AMSTERDAM – The adult Japanese fanworks community website has seen the creation of a literary criticism movement that hopes to improve that state of fan-submitted works by amateur translators….


Review: Saki Zenkoku-hen

It has been almost five years since anime watchers were introduced to the Saki franchise. Its lucid blend of yuri overtones, fanservice, and ridiculous shounen motifs captivated viewers who otherwise would…


New Anime Fan Watches Neon Genesis Evangelion for the First Time

NAPERVILLE, IL — Two weeks after being introduced to anime by his friend, high school senior Travis Grant has discovered and completed the 1995 Gainax anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hailing the show…


Campaign Seeks to Ban Offensive Terms ‘Hug Pillow’ and ‘Body Pillow’

LOS ANGELES – A new campaign launched today aims to ban the terms “Hug Pillow” and “Body Pillow,” which are routinely used to describe full sized pillows that feature anime…


Portal to Sengoku Period Opens During ‘Blood Moon’; Classical Heroes Offer Simple Message

KYOTO — Magical properties from the “blood moon” — the first lunar eclipse of 2014 — triggered a tear in reality and opened a temporary pathway to the Sengoku period….


Adult Fans Angered that Kids Are Flooding Toy Robot Fighting Arenas

TOKYO — Araki Takahiro is angry. Araki is one of the top fighters in the country in the sport known as “Gunpla Battle,” in which competitors build replica Gundam robots…


New Flight Data Recorder Plays fripSide Songs when Underwater

TACOMA, WA — Following the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, and the inability for rescuers to locate the aircraft’s wreckage beneath the ocean, the International Civil Aviation Organization has…