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Anime Community Decides to Just Sit Out This Season

In a joint statement to the press, the anime community at large has collectively decided to pick up no new airing shows this season. After giving dozens of anime the…

The opening scene of Medieval Kemono Friends featuring a blue Serval.

History of Anime: A Short Look at the Medieval Anime Industry

You might love your anime and manga, but do you know about the origins of your hobby? Did you think anime had its origins in the mid-20th century? Or perhaps…


Local Anime Fan Too Afraid To Watch Anime

THOUSAND OAKS, CA — To many, anime presents a casual escape from their mundane daily lives and an opportunity to forget about the world and enjoy pantyshots and sexualized servals….


‘Keijo!!!!!!!!’ Tops Fall Season in Exclamation Points

Traditionally, the fall is the strongest anime season in terms of quality. This season of anime has been no exception; highly anticipated titles such as 3-gatsu no Lion and Hibike Euphonium 2 have been hyped…


Hulu Finally Gets Around to Cleaning Out Its Anime Catalog

On June 1, Hulu’s licensing deals with several anime companies including Funimation, Sentai and NIS are set to expire, resulting in over 150 anime being taken off of the website….


Fan Patiently Waits for Internet to Tell Him How He Feels About Anime

LENEXA, KS — Following the end of the 2015 summer anime season, local resident and anime fan Carlos Monroe is reportedly still waiting for the internet to tell him how he should feel about…

Man Falls Behind

Man Falls Behind On Anime, Has Nothing To Talk About With Friends

DAYTON, OH – Like many Americans, Drew Moore works long hours; so long, in fact, that he recently found himself unable to watch any anime for two weeks. “I didn’t…


Man Has Over 1,000 Anime Backgrounds He’d Never Use in Public

Over the past year, anime fan Charles Walker has collected over 1,000 anime-themed backgrounds that he would never dare put on his computer in public. We sat down with Charles…


Anime Dead at 52

1963 – 2015 Today we here at Anime Maru received a harrowing news tip. Readers are advised to brace themselves, for this might be the most shocking report Anime Maru…


Japan Falling Behind in Education Because Students are Idols, Superheroes, etc.

TOYKO, Japan — Japan’s Ministry of Education confirmed earlier this week that according to standardized test results, Japanese high school students have dropped out of the top 10 in terms…