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Anime Maru’s Top 27 Anime Series of All Time

Hello readers. Today, Anime Maru celebrates its second birthday. If you’ve been following us since the very beginning, we recommend you go outside once in a while. But regardless of how often…


Online Polls Find Best Anime Ever All Created in the Last Two Years

  DIEMEN, The Netherlands — Researchers conducting online polls have come to the surprising conclusion that all of the best anime to ever exist have been created in the timespan between…

Russian anime fans lined up for hours to withdraw cash in order to purchase the box sets on the black market

Global Markets Struggling To Adjust To Soaring Cowboy Bebop Box Set Prices

NEW YORK, NY – The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped another 200 points today to a 10 year low after FUNimation’s board of directors voted against releasing more limited edition…