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Crunchyroll Rocked by Video Streaming Controversy

Earlier this week, popular on-demand anime streaming site Crunchyroll was hit with massive community backlash after members of the community carefully analyzing encoding methods uncovered a shocking revelation. They found…


Crunchyroll to Begin Testing New Java-Based Web Player

Crunchyroll announced this week that it will begin testing the use of its new Java-based video player for streaming all site content. The announcement came in response to concerns from…


Anime Maru’s 2016 Anime Awards Predictions

Hey everyone, it’s awards season once again, and Anime Maru is here to tell you who’s going to win the most prestigious awards of all: the Crunchyroll Anime Awards! With…


Crunchyroll Premium Membership Gift Coupon Languishes Away In Unread Inbox

Though this time of year is a time for holiday cheer — for gathering with families and friends around a warm fire or a hearty meal — not all are so…


Report: David Productions Bribed Judges to Exclude ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ From Anime Awards

Controversy has rocked the newly announced Crunchyroll Anime Awards as an FBI probe discovered evidence that several studios including David Productions have paid bribes to the award’s designated judges seeking to not…


Crunchyroll and Funimation Executives in Discussions to Create ‘Totally Awesome’ Transformation Sequence

FLOWER MOUND, TX — Top executives from anime streaming and licensing companies Funimation and Crunchyroll met yesterday to finalize the details of their groundbreaking partnership. The two companies announced earlier…


North Korea Unveils Its Own Version of Crunchyroll

Earlier this week, North Korea revealed a Netflix-like device called Manbang that will soon be available to its citizens, which will allow the viewing on on-demand programs. In Korean, ‘manbang’…


Man Wishes There Was A Convenient Way to Watch Countless Streaming Anime

Anime fan Ethan Adams vented his frustrations this week about being unable to find a convenient way to watch all of his favorite anime and more streaming online “It’s just…


A Comparison of Anime Streaming Sites

As the Spring 2016 season fully gets underway, we here at Anime Maru have put together a completely through and accurate comparison of the major anime streaming services.


Anime Maru To Offer Streaming Anime

Today, Anime Maru is pleased to announce that we are planning to offer an official streaming service on our site. Here at Anime Maru, we are always looking for new ways to…