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Funimation Announces SimulDub of ‘The Emoji Movie’

After the announcement on August 1 that Funimation had been purchased by Sony Pictures, Funimation announced today their first project in association with Sony — an English dub release of Sony’s…


Crunchyroll and Funimation Executives in Discussions to Create ‘Totally Awesome’ Transformation Sequence

FLOWER MOUND, TX — Top executives from anime streaming and licensing companies Funimation and Crunchyroll met yesterday to finalize the details of their groundbreaking partnership. The two companies announced earlier…

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Funimation Licenses Dragonball Z Abridged

Just yesterday, Funimation announced that they would be licensing the popular web series Dragonball Z Abridged. The series reuses footage from it’s namesake, which is already licensed by Funimation, and…


A Comparison of Anime Streaming Sites

As the Spring 2016 season fully gets underway, we here at Anime Maru have put together a completely through and accurate comparison of the major anime streaming services.


Funimation Puts Out A Hit On Discotek Media

FLOWER MOUND, TX– Yesterday, a hit list of Discotek employees was leaked on the internet by anonymous sources, apparently posted by Funimation executives in hopes of eliminating their competition. The discovery of…

Russian anime fans lined up for hours to withdraw cash in order to purchase the box sets on the black market

Global Markets Struggling To Adjust To Soaring Cowboy Bebop Box Set Prices

NEW YORK, NY – The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped another 200 points today to a 10 year low after FUNimation’s board of directors voted against releasing more limited edition…


FUNimation Announces “Soul Eater Not!” Simulcast, Offers Apology

FUNimation has announced that Soul Eater Not! will be included on their spring simulcast schedule and immediately offered an apology to fans. The show debuted on April 8th. FUNimation’s official synopsis for Soul Eater…

Funimation Seeks New

Funimation Seeks New Revenue From Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

FORT WORTH, TX – Funimation Entertainment, the Flower Mound-based film production company, is turning to an unusual source in its quest to find new revenues: the Texas Lottery. “We’ve been…