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Nintendo Announces Discontinuation of the Nintendo Switch

Today Nintendo announced that they have shut down all production of their newest console, the Nintendo Switch, which is currently sold out at most retailers. This announcement comes after last…


Op-Ed: The New Miku Game is Shit But You’ll Still Buy it

Hiroyuki Itoh Crypton Future Media Yeah, you fucking trash weeb. I’m talking to you. We have the ultimate cash cow here, and there’s nothing you can do about it. We…


The Next Tales Game Will Have “Good Graphics”, Director Promises

Recently released to international audiences, Tales of Berseria is the 16th and latest continuation of the popular JRPG series. Although the game met generally positive reviews, receiving praise primarily for its story and…


Ahogamer Reviews: Fire Emblem Awakening

  Hello gamers. It’s been a little over a week since the most recent Nintendo Direct in which information regarding four new Fire Emblem games was announced, and just over…


Local Man Still Not Pokemon Master

AUGUSTA, ME — With a sad look on his face, local man David Carvel, 34, set down his Nintendo 3DS and sighed. For the last three days he has been religiously…

Weebs get banned

Steam to Automatically Ban All Users with Anime Avatars

Valve Corporation, creator of the popular online games platform Steam, revealed its long-awaited program to ban users with anime profile pictures. These users are to receive Valve Anti-Anime bans (VAA…


Pokemon Sun and Moon Revealed to be Pachinko Game

LOS ANGELES, CA — Hundreds of journalists who attended Nintendo’s presentation at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier today, along with thousands viewing the livestream online, reacted with stunned silence when…


Ryuuko Matoi Reveals Surprisingly Strong Feelings About Video Games Over Twitter

Earlier today, Twitter user @RealRyukoMatoi, whose description states she is the real Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, went into a 37-part Twitter rant about the translation of the Fire Emblem…


Local Otaku Disappointed at Distinct Lack of Anime in Anime Fighter

  Mild tragedy struck today as local resident and otaku Melvin Tiddiemeister found out that the anime fighter recommended to him by his local game shop did not, in fact,…


New Browser Game Features Anthropomorphic Anime Studios

DMM.com, the maker of browser games such as Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu, announced today that their newest online collection game, Production Paradise, will feature anthropomorphic versions of real-life anime studios….