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Unannounced Final Season of Gintama Already Ranked #1 on MyAnimeList

Following the final episode of Gintama’s fourth season Gintama° on Wednesday, the season received an average score of 9.33 and became the new highest rated anime on MyAnimeList. Shortly afterward, MyAnimeList…

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Anime Maru’s Top 27 Anime Series of All Time

Hello readers. Today, Anime Maru celebrates its second birthday. If you’ve been following us since the very beginning, we recommend you go outside once in a while. But regardless of how often…


Sunrise Removes All Episodes of ‘Gintama’ from Circulation Due to Parody Laws

TOKYO, Japan — Studio Sunrise announced earlier today that they would be removing every single episode of Gintama from all streaming services such as Amazon and Crunchyroll due to their…