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In First Unanimous Decision, Japanese Diet Declares ‘Idol Jihen’ is Terrible

TOKYO, Japan — The National Diet of Japan came to a historical decision this week when the assembly unanimously declared that 2017 TV anime Idol Jihen is ‘terrible’ and unfit to be…


North Korea Declares Idol Supremacy in the Pacific

North Korea added to tensions in East Asia as the reclusive nation declared it would directly contest Japan’s lead on idol influence in the region. North Korea leader Kim Jong-un…


God Strikes Down Japan for Worshiping False Idols

TOKYO, Japan — Japan is in ruins today after being consumed by fire and brimstone sent by God as punishment for the nation worshiping false idols. “Look, I thought I…


“Magical Internet Idol Nyanners-chan!” to Air This Summer

OSAKA, JAPAN– As the spring anime season comes to a close, BONES has announced it’s latest addition to the summer catalog. Magical Internet Idol Nanners-Chan! is an adaptation of YouTube…

Kira Kira Idols

Latest Idol Craze Popular With Just Young Girls

OSAKA – The makers of the newest idol hit KiraKiraIdols have expressed surprise at the fact that it is popular with its intended audience, young girls. “Usually you run into…