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‘Made in Abyss’ Director Hints at Dark, Scary Adaptation

Representatives from Kinema Citrus revealed a new marketing strategy earlier this week for the upcoming anime adaption of Made in Abyss. In order to replicate the manga’s eerie atmosphere, the…


Man’s Dying Wish is to Watch ‘Little Witch Academia’ on Netflix

LOS ANGELES, CA — Alexander Framer, 87, sits upright in his hospital bed, a forlorn expression on his face as he stares out the window. Framer is terminally ill with…


Senator Ousted as Ecchi-Loving Trash After Broadband Privacy Repeal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States┬áCongress voted several weeks ago to repeal rules for protecting the privacy of internet users. Entitled the “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and…


Shinkai Announces Seasonal Garbage in Response to Miyazaki Comparisons

Following a revealing interview about his new movie, Kimi no Nawa (Your Name), in which he stated that he doesn’t want to be labeled as “the next Miyazaki”, acclaimed director…


Man Scammed Out of Thousands of Dollars in Fraudulent Anime Scheme

MILWAUKEE, WI — A 34-year-old local resident was shocked to discover this week that the anime DVD collection he has been amassing over the past several years was largely fake.
James Teager told Anime Maru that he has been buying DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks for over decade, building up a collection of over 500 series. The accumulation of his life’s work, however, has not paid off. According to Teager, at least half do not contain discs at all — he has found blank discs, change, and pieces of cardboard, inside the packaging where anime movies and TV shows should be.

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Dr. Otaku’s Corner: Career Advice and the Content Industry

Salutations, readers, to Dr. Otaku’s Corner. I have returned to serving my duty of dispensing politically correct opinions for your insight. With my extensive internet-based database and procedurally-generated algorithms, there…


‘Scorching Ping Pong Girls’ Blu-Ray to Ship Sweaty Limited Edition

The upcoming final limited edition volume of the anime series Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (Scorching Ping Pong Girls) was recently revealed to be shipping with an additional bonus to entice…


GoHands Plans to Upgrade PC in Order to Run ‘Hand Shakers’

The anime studio GoHands┬áhave announced earlier this week that they plan to upgrade their PC in order to run the anime they are currently producing this season: Hand Shakers. The…


Next Installment of ‘When they Cry’ Series to be Drawn Entirely by Child

07th Expansion, originally a doujin-circle focused on visual novels, has announced on Twitter this week that they plan to create a new installment for the popular When they Cry series,…


Study Shows Silicon Valley Still Dominated By Otaku

A Princeton University study released Tuesday revealed that the Silicon Valley population is still largely dominated by otaku. Researchers collected long-term demographic data over a decade, studying ancient companies such…