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With Fewer Gay Anime This Season, LGBT Groups Lose Exposure in Japan

TOKYO, Japan — Japan sits in an awkward state of being a country with an incredibly diverse and active LGBT community while also giving little rights to said community. There…


Data Suggests VR Waifu Technology Will Cause Japan to Go Extinct by Year 2080

TOKYO, Japan — Between deadly natural hazards and giant lizard attacks, Japan faces another threat: a plummeting population. Within the past decade, fertility rates have hit record lows and the…


Shinkai’s ‘Your Name’ Becomes the Greatest Thing to Ever Exist

Earlier this week, Toho announced that Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa) has surpassed all measures of cinematic success and become the de facto greatest film ever made….

Students at Miyashima Senior High School take the oppurtunity to nap during the announcement that their class will partake in this year's Battle Royale.

Students Not So Excited for This Year’s Battle Royale

Tokyo, JAPAN– As the second term of school begins in Japan, some students are apprehensive to return after the announcement of this year’s Battle Royale. A class of 42 students have been…


God Strikes Down Japan for Worshiping False Idols

TOKYO, Japan — Japan is in ruins today after being consumed by fire and brimstone sent by God as punishment for the nation worshiping false idols. “Look, I thought I…


Japan Assures Rest of World They Aren’t Really That Into Anime or Anything

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — The closing ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics were staged last Sunday evening, and according to Olympic tradition, a segment from the organizers of the…


Japan Announces Plan to Open World’s First WcDonalds

  Led by a push for more tourism and money from royalties, Japan has announced the opening of its first official WcDonalds restaurant. News of this restaurant came following a…


‘Strike Witches’ to be added to Japanese History Textbooks

TOKYO, Japan — Japanese Ministry of Education announced earlier today that Strike Witches, an anime franchise centered around girls not wearing pants, be featured in a set of all new history …


Live Action ‘Baccano’ Adaptation to Feature Entirely Asian Cast

The highly-anticipated live action Hollywood adaptation of Baccano is set to hit theaters next year, and earlier today Paramount Pictures announced that the cast will feature primarily Asian actors and actresses. “Baccano…


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Admits his Economic Policy was Inspired by ‘Spice and Wolf’

TOKYO, Japan — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has struggled to stave off criticism of his various economic reforms he has enacted under the policy of “Abenomics” during his second term…