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Man’s Dying Wish is to Watch ‘Little Witch Academia’ on Netflix

LOS ANGELES, CA — Alexander Framer, 87, sits upright in his hospital bed, a forlorn expression on his face as he stares out the window. Framer is terminally ill with…


Trigger Announces Kiznaiver Themed Real Escape Game

Trigger, the studio behind such hits as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia, announced that they will hold a Real Escape Game in support of their newest anime, Kiznaiver….

The researchers could not prove a steady levelling-off above the so-called "Salvation Threshold"

New Research Confirms: Studio Trigger Did Not Save Anime

The researchers could not prove a steady leveling-off above the so-called “Salvation Threshold” CAMBRIDGE, MA – A team of researchers at MIT has announced the results of a comprehensive study into…