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A live look at Anime Maru HQ (according to tax purposes) in the wake of the announcement

Anime Maru Labeled as “Harmful and Misleading News Source”

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation recently published a list of news and media sources that it deemed “inadequate or harmful in representing anime culture”. Among the claims, Anime…


Anime Maru Bought Out by Buzzfeed

Hello, loyal weebs, we here at Anime Maru are pleased to announce that after many wonderful years of bringing you 100% accurate anime news, we have been bought out by Buzzfeed…


Anime News Outlet Runs Out of Ideas

Anime Maru, the world leader in satirical anime news coverage, seems to have shockingly run out of anime and news stories to parody, now reaching out to its readers for more ideas. This came as a disturbing revelation to the world when avid readers realized the recent announcement of the Anime Maru writing contest post was not, in fact, a joke.


Anime Maru To Offer Streaming Anime

Today, Anime Maru is pleased to announce that we are planning to offer an official streaming service on our site. Here at Anime Maru, we are always looking for new ways to…


An Exclusive Peek Inside Anime Maru

Hey its Ttchoubs here! I’m gonna give you all a cool sneak peak into our nifty little work studio where all the magic happens. Lets take a look!   Thank…


Sources Confirm Second Season of ‘Food Wars’

A second season of the popular anime Shokugeki no Souma — also known as Food Wars — has been confirmed, according to an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine found left in a McDonald’s…


New Anime-Planet Can Potentially Sustain Life, Scientists Claim

SANTA CRUZ, CA — Astronomers browsing the internet at the University of California Santa Cruz announced the discovery of a redesigned Anime-Planet website so close to Earth that it is visible to the…


CNN Reports Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Safely Landed on Isla

ATLANTA – In a shocking revelation that came to many people that had been skeptical of CNN’s coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, CNN cut into an episode of…


Anime News Network Reporting that Everybody is HanaKana

Over the last 24 hours, Anime News Network staff have identified nearly every figure in anime news as voice actress Hanazawa Kana. The Internet’s Most Trusted Anime News Site has…