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New ‘Monogatari’ Thing Apparently Airing this Summer

The official website for the Monogatari anime series, based off Nisioisin’s light novel franchise of the same name, announced that a new anime related to the franchise will air this summer titled Owarimonogatari….


Kizumonogatari Part I: Tekketsu-hen Snubbed for Best Animated Feature Oscar Nomination

Earlier this week the 2017 Oscar Nominations were revealed, and while Zootopia, Moana, Kubo, The Red Turtle and My Life as a Zucchini got nominations for Best Animated Feature, there…

Some terrible waifu in a neck brace

Monogatari Cosplaying Contest Results in Multiple Neck Injuries

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Paramedics were called to the scene at Setsucon yesterday when several cosplayers reportedly injured themselves during a costume contest. The overall theme was to dress up as…


Shinbou Akiyuki Reveals He Has Actually Been Blind All Along

TOKYO, Japan — High profile director Shinbou Akiyuki of Studio Shaft made a shocking announcement last weekend, revealing that he has been blind for the past ten years. The revelation baffled fans but also surprised most of Shinbou’s co-workers. Shinbou has directed many hit series known for their unique visual style, such as Monogatari series, Puella Magi Madoka Magika and Blood Royale, which makes the revelation all the more surprising.

Shinbou reveals one of approximately 74 clues embedded in the episode "as a starting point" to decoding hidden spoilers to the new Star Wars film

Akiyuki Shinbou Hides ‘The Force Awakens’ Spoilers in ‘Owarimonogatari’ Episode

In an official statement on behalf of Studio Shaft, director Akiyuki Shinbou claims to have put spoilers to the new movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in the most…


Shaft Announces Kizumonogatari Movie Release Date, End of World Imminent

Volcanoes erupted, seas were swallowed whole, the Earth split asunder, and the children of the world wailed as one earlier today as Shaft formally announced that the long-awaited Kizumonogatari film…


ME!ME!ME! Video revealed as Elaborate Plot to Annoy Everyone

TOKYO, Japan – The Animator Expo video short “ME!ME!ME!”, which has sparked waves of discussion in the anime community in the past week, has been exposed as a pointless hoax…


Staff Infection — Editors’ Picks for Summer 2014

kevo Glasslip? Wow talk about another typical P.A. Works show, pandering to the glass crafting enthusiast community to make a quick buck. Talk about the lowest common denominator. Bakumatsu Rock looks…