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Hirohiko Araki Runs Out of Good Stand Names

TOKYO, Japan — Since 1986 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has referenced many music icons to the delight of it’s fans. Stands such as Killer Queen, King Crimson, and of course Yo-Yo Ma…


Norwegian Band Nightcore’s New Album is Entirely Sped Up Anime Songs

This week Norwegian techno band Nightcore released their first album since 2003. The band is best known for creating the musical genre Nightcore, and their newest album fits the genre…


Hatsune Miku Caught Lip-Syncing During Concert

  DALLAS, TX: Yesterday Japanese pop-idol Hatsune Miku was caught lip-syncing to her song “Weekender Girl” during the middle of a live show on her American tour. Fans were outraged…


Military Ends Research into the Power of Music

WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to a press release from the Department of Defense released on Sunday, recent military trials involving pop music idols supporting front line combat units have not…


Muse’s Japan Tour Goes Horribly Wrong

TOKYO, Japan — English rock band Muse began their tour dates in Japan earlier this week to promote their latest album Drones. Their first concert took place at the Akihabara…

End of Al

Weird Al Yankovic Covers ‘Cruel Angel’s Thesis’

  RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA — Yesterday marked the first time Weird Al ever parodied an anime opening with the release of his new song “Cruel Angle’s Theta”. The song is…

This scene from the video turned out to be taken from the 2003 anime "Happy Fun Time Beach Club 3", which has an average score of 4.85 on MAL

Mass Debating — Your Reactions to Pharrell’s Anime-Themed Music Video

The official music video for “It Girl“, the final track on Pharrell’s hit album G I R L hit the internet earlier this week, causing a burst of popularity especially…


MAPPA Accidentally Hires Yoko Ono to Compose Soundtrack for Zankyou no Terror

TOKYO, Japan — Representatives from animation studio MAPPA announced earlier this week that the company had accidentally contracted Yoko Ono to compose the soundtrack for this summer’s anime Zankyou no Terror….


μ’s to Collaborate on Single with Pitbull

TOKYO, Japan — After their thrilling success in the Love Live School Idol Contest, schoolgirl idol group μ’s has announced that they are set to release a new single featuring Cuban-American…