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Lionsgate Enters Production on Movie About Boruto’s Dad

Lionsgate Entertainment announced earlier today that production was starting on the first film in their planned Boruto series based on the popular anime and manga Boruto. The film will titled Boruto Past…


New Study Suggests Watching Slice-of-Life Anime as an Effective Treatment for Insomnia

OXFORD, England – Insomniacs around the world are in deep relief after a recent scientific study has suggested that their problematic lack of sleep can be combated by watching anime,…

Naruto Run

Scientists Find That Running like Naruto Actually Faster

  In an incredibly disheartening study released today, researchers at the university of Michigan found that extending one’s arms backwards while running actually increase increase the speed at which you run….


Otaku Fakes Gratitude Over Naruto T-shirt Gift

BAKERSFIELD. CA — Tragedy and awkwardness ensued earlier today, as longtime hardcore anime fan Sam Davenport was given a T-shirt featuring the characters from Naruto by his parents on his birthday. The 26-year-old tax accountant…


Studio Pierrot Breaks Ties with Donald Trump After Racist Remarks About Ninja

“When Studio Pierrot sends its ninja, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing…


Midwestern Mom Still Can’t Pronounce ‘Naruto’

The long-running shounen manga Naruto finally comes to an end in a few weeks. As half the anime community breaks out the peppermint schnapps to celebrate and the other half huddles in…