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Anime Gods and You

We here at Anime Maru know how hard it can be to find a spiritual being worth devoting your time, effort, and immortal soul to. Because unlike your waifu, who…


Studio Khara Reveals That It Was Always Pronounced “Evan-Jelly-On”

TOKYO, Japan — Studio Khara revealed its biggest secret about the latest Evangelion film earlier this week, clarifying the official pronunciation of the name of the franchise. “It was always pronounced…


Crunchyroll and Funimation Executives in Discussions to Create ‘Totally Awesome’ Transformation Sequence

FLOWER MOUND, TX — Top executives from anime streaming and licensing companies Funimation and Crunchyroll met yesterday to finalize the details of their groundbreaking partnership. The two companies announced earlier…

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Hideaki Anno Confirms new Kojima Game to be Evangelion 4.0

                  At E3 last week Hideo Kojima revealed his studio’s new game Death Stranding. While many fans were disappointed to hear that Kojima…


Anime Fan Explains His Approach to the New Anime Season

This week, I went undercover into the home of my neighborhood’s most devout anime fan who locked himself away to fully consume all of the new anime from the first…


Man Still Trying to Figure Out End of Evangelion’s DVD Menu

CHANHASSEN, MN — Anime fan Sheldon Ickert recently came to an existential crisis in his life trying to figure out the meaning of End of Evangelion’s DVD menu. “I got…


Experts Claim Third Impact Did Not Occur Because Anime is Not Real

TOKYO-3, Japan — Eyewitness reports confirmed rumors yesterday that the predicted date of the Third Impact, as predicted by the 1997 movie The End of Evangelion, came and went without incident….


NSFW: Top Ten Lewdest Scenes in Anime

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love lewd anime? From Highschool DxD to Highschool of the Dead to all of those other fun and unique ecchi shows, there’s really something for everyone out there…

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Every Anime to Have Live Stage Production by 2025

In a statement released earlier this week, the leaders of some of the Japanese animation industry’s biggest animation studios, including the likes of Toei Animation, Shaft, and Hideiki Anno’s Studio…