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Obama Announces New Initiative to Save Anime

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a surprise press conference this morning in the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama announced a new federally backed initiative to save anime. The initiative calls for…


Politcal leaders weigh in on best anime to watch if you want a career in country leading

These are the top anime some of the world’s most charismatic political leaders think you should watch if you want a career in country-leading. Barack Obama — Yahari Ore no Seishun…


Report: President Obama Still Undecided About Anime Avatar

WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to reports from White House staff, President Barack Obama has not yet chosen which anime avatar he will use on his new Twitter account. Though Commander-in-Chief…

Despite the obviously evocative imagery, President Obama urged caution when judging the motives behind Zankyou no Terror

President Obama Urges Anime Fans To Not Jump To Conclusions About Zankyou no Terror

WASHINGTON, DC – Speaking at the Rose Garden earlier today, President Obama urged caution when discussing Shinichiro Watanabe’s new anime Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror), and said anime fans…


Obama Zings Putin At Anime Correspondents Dinner: ‘He Thinks he’s a Member of Zvezda or Something’

WASHINGTON – President Obama was the star of the evening at last night’s White House Anime Correspondents Dinner, sending a string of comedic jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I…


Obama Reminds Nation to Catch Up on Love Live before New Season Airs

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama took to social media earlier this week, reminding Americans to finish the Love Live! School Idol Project anime before its second season begins airing in Spring 2014….


Durarara!! Season 2 Announcement Deepens Tension between West and Russia

NEW YORK, NY – Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution supporting the breakaway of Studio Shuka from Brains Base, after it was announced that production of the second season…