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New ‘Monogatari’ Thing Apparently Airing this Summer

The official website for the Monogatari anime series, based off Nisioisin’s light novel franchise of the same name, announced that a new anime related to the franchise will air this summer titled Owarimonogatari….


Teens Reported Chanting “Spooky Ougi” in a Dark Bathroom In Hopes That She Appears In the Mirror

A disturbing new trend has emerged in which young teenagers have been grouping together and piling into bathrooms to chant “Spooky Ougi” a minimum of three times in hopes that Ougi Oshino, from…


Staff Infection — Anime Maru’s Mid-Season Round-Up

Fluffy Harpy I’ve been watching Yuri Yuri as it airs, but I can’t help but think its simply more of the same we’ve seen in the last three years. Yes,…


New Bakemonogatari Series to Carry 18+ Rating

After several series full of nudity and risque fanservice that is nothing short of softcore pornography, Studio Shaft today announced at a live press conference that Owarimonogatari, the three-part continuation of the…