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Op-Ed: Hear Me Out — Repealing Net Neutrality Makes It Harder to Watch Bad Anime

Ajit Pai Chairman, Federal Communications Commission It’s been a pretty active last few weeks for me and the folks working at the FCC. Since I’ve announced that we are taking formal…


New Evidence Points to Russian Interference in 2017 Idolmaster Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The CIA, FBI, and NSA jointly published a report Monday of their investigation into attempts to influence the 2017 iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls General Election by the Russian government. The report confirms…


‘Black Clover’ Voice Actor Broadcast Across North Korean Border

With military tensions rising between North Korea and its two neighbors, Japan and South Korea, the three nations have been at odds in a menacing standoff. With outright war being…


North Korea Declares Idol Supremacy in the Pacific

North Korea added to tensions in East Asia as the reclusive nation declared it would directly contest Japan’s lead on idol influence in the region. North Korea leader Kim Jong-un…


Leaked Senate Healthcare Plan Gives Out Free Crunchyroll Subscriptions as Birth Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Capitol Hill insiders have leaked to the media that the GOP healthcare bill currently being pressed in the Senate includes a stipulation replacing Planned Parenthood and all other…


Comey Hearing Yields No New Anime Memes

Former FBI director James Comey testified today in front of a Senate committee on his conversations with President Donald Trump. The hearing covered many topics including alleged Russian interference with…


Senator Ousted as Ecchi-Loving Trash After Broadband Privacy Repeal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States Congress voted several weeks ago to repeal rules for protecting the privacy of internet users. Entitled the “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and…

Iyashikei Trump

President Trump Signs Executive Order Adding “Iyashikei Option” to ACA Individual Mandate

In the first week after his inauguration, President Donald Trump signed an executive order with a major addition to the individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act. Americans may…


CNN Apologizes for Accidentally Airing Over One Hour of ‘Chaos;Head’

BOSTON, MA — CNN viewers were shocked to discover last Thursday that instead of the usual airing of unintelligible political debate that CNN usually provides they were presented with an…


Issue of National Best Girl Up Takes Spotlight Weeks After Election

As the lingering recounts for a handful of races scattered around the country wind down, the long and drawn-out election season has finally come to a close. The big questions have been answered — Republicans have maintained majority control over Congress and Donald Trump will be the next President — but one last unanswered question has moved to the forefront of the national debate: who will be our nation’s Best Girl?