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Area Man Can’t Enjoy Seasonal Anime Because He Didn’t Watch The Original Series

PARK CITY, UTAH– The trend in the anime industry has been to make animated series of already-established intellectual properties in order to reach a more dedicated fanbase, but the recent…


Telecom Animation Staff Sends Letters To Past Selves About Regrets Over Orange’s Production

The staff of Telecom Animation Film traveled to the Bermuda Triangle today to send their past selves letters outlining their regrets on their adaptation of the manga Orange, and gave…


Man Mistakenly Watches ‘Houkago no Pleiades’ While Searching for ‘Re:Zero’

OMAHA, NE — Not realizing his mistake until it was far too late, local anime fan and middle school teacher Richard Long accidentally watched all 12 episodes of the Gainax original…

the smile that couldn't be saved

Waifu Smile Protection Insurance Rates Skyrocket

It takes the work of 10 muscles to generate a smile, but some people use every muscle in their body to protect the smile of their waifu. In a recent trend,…


Subaru Sales Explode After ‘Re:Zero’ Episode

CHERRY HILL, NJ — Earlier this week, car maker Subaru experienced an unexpected uptick in sales following the airing of Re:Zero on TV Tokyo. Avid fans of the series reportedly stormed the…

Suicide Squall

Man Commits Suicide in Desperate Ploy to Achieve Harem

PHOENIX, AZ — 23 year old man David Barbano was found dead in his house in what appeared to be a last effort to achieve his life goal of building a harem….