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11 Anime That Perfectly Sum Up 2016

As this year filled with unbelievable politics and celebrity deaths draws to a close, we take a look back at the anime that aired this year which perfectly sum up 2016.


Toei Animation Quietly Reminds Viewers that Sailor Moon Crystal is Still Airing

Toei Animation announced this week that Sailor Moon Crystal is still in fact airing and encouraged fans to watch the show. The studio encouraged fans to “not forget about us” and “remember…


Fans Outraged By Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer, Unsure Why

NEW YORK, NY – The world premiere of the first trailer for the upcoming anime Sailor Moon Crystal has left anime fans around the world furious, but none of them…


Crystal Pepsi to Sponsor Sailor Moon Crystal

American multinational beverage corporation PepsiCo announced yesterday that it is reviving Crystal Pepsi to launch a campaign promoting the upcoming anime Sailor Moon Crystal. Crystal Pepsi was a short-lived soda released in…

Sailor Pluto

Planetary Reclassification Forces Toei to Abandon Sailor Pluto in New Anime

TOKYO – The upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal anime series by Toei animation was forced to abandon the character of Sailor Pluto, after it was reclassified as a dwarf planet (Plutoid)…