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New ‘Monogatari’ Thing Apparently Airing this Summer

The official website for the Monogatari anime series, based off Nisioisin’s light novel franchise of the same name, announced that a new anime related to the franchise will air this summer titled Owarimonogatari….


New Browser Game Features Anthropomorphic Anime Studios

DMM.com, the maker of browser games such as Kantai Collection and Touken Ranbu, announced today that their newest online collection game, Production Paradise, will feature anthropomorphic versions of real-life anime studios….

Shinbou reveals one of approximately 74 clues embedded in the episode "as a starting point" to decoding hidden spoilers to the new Star Wars film

Akiyuki Shinbou Hides ‘The Force Awakens’ Spoilers in ‘Owarimonogatari’ Episode

In an official statement on behalf of Studio Shaft, director Akiyuki Shinbou claims to have put spoilers to the new movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in the most…


Shaft Announces Kizumonogatari Movie Release Date, End of World Imminent

Volcanoes erupted, seas were swallowed whole, the Earth split asunder, and the children of the world wailed as one earlier today as Shaft formally announced that the long-awaited Kizumonogatari film…


New Bakemonogatari Series to Carry 18+ Rating

After several series full of nudity and risque fanservice that is nothing short of softcore pornography, Studio Shaft today announced at a live press conference that Owarimonogatari, the three-part continuation of the…

JC Shaft

J.C. Staff Announces Plans To Continually 1-UP SHAFT

Today, animation studio J.C. Staff announced their plans to now and forever beat Studio SHAFT at their own game. Founder and Acting President Tomoyuki Miyata stated in an impromptu press release,…


“Hanamonogatari” Delayed for No Particular Reason

Offering no substantive justification, animation studio SHAFT has announced today that Hanamonogatari, the sixth part of the Monogatari series, has been further delayed to early 2015. In an official statement, animation studio SHAFT stated…


New FCC Policy Threatens Anime Neutrality

WASHINGTON D.C. — The Federal Communications Commission has endorsed a new policy allowing internet carriers to stream anime with moe fanservice faster than other anime. This would open the door for internet service…


SHAFT Confirms Interest in Buying the LA Clippers

LOS ANGELES, CA — Animation studio SHAFT has announced earlier today that they intend to bid for ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers if the team becomes available for sale….