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Internet Media Outlets Embrace New ‘Clicktsundere’ Trend

“It’s Not Like I Want You Look at These¬†17 Hilarious Pictures of Taylor Swift Eating Pancakes or Anything…,” one article title reads. “Take This Quiz to Find Out What Brand…


Rui Ninomiya’s Gender Literally Only Important Thing About ‘Gatchaman Crowds’, New Survey Says

Fans of the anime Gatchaman Crowds have spoken —¬†according to a recent survey conducted by Anime Maru, the only thing important about the series is character Rui Ninomiya’s gender. Though…


Report: President Obama Still Undecided About Anime Avatar

WASHINGTON, D.C. — According to reports from White House staff, President Barack Obama has not yet chosen which anime avatar he will use on his new Twitter account. Though Commander-in-Chief…