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Internet Media Outlets Embrace New ‘Clicktsundere’ Trend

“It’s Not Like I Want You Look at These 17 Hilarious Pictures of Taylor Swift Eating Pancakes or Anything…,” one article title reads. “Take This Quiz to Find Out What Brand…


Local Student Still Waiting for Classmate to Show Her Dere Side

KEARNEY, MO — The average high school boy would be heartbroken if his crush acted like she hated him. But for 16-year-old Joshua Ferris, local student and self-professed otaku, this is actually a sign of encouragement; he believes that his crush, classmate Kelly Liebowitz, is a tsundere. A prevalent archetype in some of his favorite anime, tsundere characters can be found in schools, workplaces, and dungeons around the world.


United Kingdom Gains Tsundere Status from European Union

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Following the vote in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron met with EU leaders on Tuesday to negotiate for flexible…


Ahogamer Reviews: Undertale

Hello gamers. Today I will review the latest indie hit, Undertale. Unless you’ve found yourself under a rock that blocks WiFi signals, you’ve heard people talk endlessly about Undertale. Critics have been dropping…


Scientists Create Horrifying ‘YanTsun’ Character with no Dere

TOKYO, Japan — The wards of Tokyo are on lockdown this week after a science lab based in Akihabara created an anime character with both Yan and Tsun personality traits but…

Yuki's Diet

Nation’s Kuuderes Stoically Request Better Representation In Anime

TOKYO, Japan — Earlier today, members of Japan’s Kuudere population converged on Tokyo to rally at the nation’s Diet building to demand better representation in modern anime. The rally, which…


Local High-School Girl Denies Allegations Of Being A ‘Tsundere’

  A local high-school girl, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has recently denied allegations by her classmates that she may in fact be a tsundere. The evidence offered by…