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Shocking Conspiracy Claims Anime Has Been Dead Since 2003

Shock waves rebounded throughout the anime fan community when a conspiracy theory surfaced early this weekend that anime has been dead since 2003 and was replaced by a similar-looking medium…


Ryuuko Matoi Reveals Surprisingly Strong Feelings About Video Games Over Twitter

Earlier today,¬†Twitter user @RealRyukoMatoi, whose description states she is the real Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, went into a 37-part Twitter rant about the translation of the Fire Emblem…

Howard calls a friend to advise him of the superiority of his own waifu.

Man Not Actually Watching Any Anime, Following This Season Through Twitter Screencaps

O’FALLON, MO — Anime fan and Twitter user Chris Howard has publicly admitted that he is not actually watching any anime this season, opting instead to follow the entire season…