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Frustrated Math Student Declares 2D Better Than 3D

IOWA CITY, IA — The fall semester has just started for Jason Leroux, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Iowa, but his first weeks of college have already presented…


‘New Laifu for Old Waifu’ Recycling Program Initiated in Tokyo

TOKYO, Japan — The issue of waste management is an issue for many industrialized nations around the globe. With its large population density, the bustling city of Tokyo is no…


Anime Maru’s Guide to Successful Harem Management

Valentine’s Day is an important event for couples all across the world. While dealing with the affections of just one female can be quite the challenge, what about those of…


Data Suggests VR Waifu Technology Will Cause Japan to Go Extinct by Year 2080

TOKYO, Japan — Between deadly natural hazards and giant lizard attacks, Japan faces another threat: a plummeting population. Within the past decade, fertility rates have hit record lows and the…


Issue of National Best Girl Up Takes Spotlight Weeks After Election

As the lingering recounts for a handful of races scattered around the country wind down, the long and drawn-out election season has finally come to a close. The big questions have been answered — Republicans have maintained majority control over Congress and Donald Trump will be the next President — but one last unanswered question has moved to the forefront of the national debate: who will be our nation’s Best Girl?

the smile that couldn't be saved

Waifu Smile Protection Insurance Rates Skyrocket

It takes the work of 10 muscles to generate a smile, but some people use every muscle in their body to protect the smile of their waifu. In a recent trend,…


Anime Maru’s Guide to Making Your Waifu Real

Here at Anime Maru, we know how it feels to be lonely and wanting nothing more than a cute 2D girl to keep you warm at night and take your…


New Reality Show on TLC Features Man with Multiple Waifu

AMERICAN FORK, UT — Sister Waifu, a new reality show featuring unemployed anime fan Luke Cooper and his four waifu, aired last night on TLC. Known for its other programming such…

Garbage Waifu Ad

Anime Adaptation of “Gomi no Kanojo: Garbage Waifus” Announced

  Today Sunrise announced that they have obtained the rights to the popular manga Gomi no Kanojo, or as it’s known in the Viz Media English release, Garbage Waifus. The…


Ashley Madison Hack Exposes Otaku Cheating on Their Waifu

Canada-based online dating service Ashley Madison, a site marketed towards individuals in committed relationships who are interested in cheating, has filled the headlines recently after it was hacked last month. The…