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Local Man’s Search for Yuri Inhibited by ‘Yuri on Ice’

PLAINFIELD, IN — A man’s online search for yuri has become increasingly difficult due to the rise in popularity of the anime series Yuri on Ice, local sources claim. Steven…

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With Fewer Gay Anime This Season, LGBT Groups Lose Exposure in Japan

TOKYO, Japan — Japan sits in an awkward state of being a country with an incredibly diverse and active LGBT community while also giving little rights to said community. There…


Travelling Ice Show ‘Yuri on Ice on Ice’ Begins Worldwide Tour

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Patrons at the Yokohama Bank Ice Arena are lined up eagerly, many who have been anticipating this night since tickets sold out months ago. They are awaiting…


Thousands of Copies of ‘Yuri on Ice’ Pre-Ordered in Mike Pence’s Name

The election may be over, but the controversy surrounding it has hardly given us news organizations time to relax. While most of the media attention has been on President-Elect Donald…


CliffsNotes to Offer New Anime Summaries

The popular student resource CliffsNotes, a longtime resource used by students to bluff book reports and literature exams, has announced that they will launch a new guide to popular anime….


Fraudulent Anime Fan Doesn’t Even Know How Figure Skating Works

SALEM, OR — The credibility of 22-year-old Andrew Powell was seriously challenged this week when it was revealed that despite claiming to be a “hardcore” anime fan, his knowledge of figure…