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Lucky Star EP3 Full Episdoe

Lucky Stars follow daily lives of four high school girls – lazy Otaku Konata Izumi, Hierarchy twins tsukasa and kagami, And beautiful Miyuki Takara. When they spend their lives in a school and elsewhere, they develop strange and lively and friendships and make humorous observations of the world around them. Whether is Japanese traditions, complexity of Otaku culture, scholars, or the right way to prepare to eat the various foods, any topic could save them from contemplation.

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About the author

Sustaining on instant noodles and a wavering DSL connection, it is uncertain how Vestro has continued to survive let alone still form a cognitive thought. Regardless, he still manages to come out of his soba induced coma now and then. He can be found spending his time pretending to understand Japanese media as well as picking up the remaining shards of his broken dreams.