10 Kancolle Facts You Won’t Believe Because You Have Some Deep Seated Trust Issues

Kancolle Listicle

  1. Despite being the main character of the anime, Fubuki was actually one of the worst destroyers in the original KanColle game until the anime came out. No, it’s true, she really wasn’t very good, I’m being completely serious.
  2. When the destroyers use their flamethrowers, it’s a reference to the “torch” used to instantly complete constructions of ship girls. Yes, I know that torches and flamethrowers aren’t the same thing, that’s just what the fanbase calls them, I swear I’m not lying.
  3. When Yuubari crafts a pot in episode 6, it makes a sound that makes the other characters scared. This is the sound that scrapping a ship in original the game makes. What, you don’t believe this one either? What’s with you recently?
  4. Okay, before we go any further, you are aware that the Kantai Collection anime is based on a web browser game, right? Don’t get mad at me, I was just making sure!
  5. Did you know that the girls in Kancolle are based upon famous real world Japanese ships? No, I’m not patronizing you. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page here.
  6. All of the Kancolle game servers are named after real life World War II military harbors. Come on, why would that be a lie, we’ve already established that the characters are based on warships.
  7. Whereas in the game the secretary ship is usually out on the front lines, in the anime Nagato hardly ever leaves the base. Oh god, I’m sorry I brought up leaving, I know that’s an issue with you. You know what, just forget about that fact, let’s move on to the next one.
  8. The anime includes some content that came from original fandom interpretation, such as Akagi’s love of food and Kongou calling Ikazuchi/Inazuma Raiden. Look, I know I’ve lied in the past, but this trivia list is totally legitimate. All of these facts are completely true.
  9. Hackers have found that the Kancolle game was originally supposed to have an escape from battle mechanism that was never fully implemented. What do you mean I’m trying to imply that I want to escape from this conversation, it’s just a piece of trivia, this is a list of trivia.
  10. You know what? Screw you. Your last fact is that Japan lost World War II. It’s Kancolle related enough, the main characters are World War II ships. If you’re not going to believe a damn word I say I’m not even going to try.

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