11 Anime That Perfectly Sum Up 2016

As this year filled with unbelievable politics and celebrity deaths draws to a close, we take a look back at the anime that aired this year which perfectly sum up 2016.



2016 has lost many great and memorable celebrities. In Occultic;Nine, many people also die. Except none of the deaths have as much impact because after eleven episodes, I am still not sure this anime actually has characters — or is anything other than a stream of dialogue being read really fast by a malnourished voice actor being held at gunpoint.



Onigiri is an anime about a game that thrusts its players in a mythical land of Japanese spirits and legends and surrounds them with cute NPC’s. I wish I could be sent to mythical Japan. Anything is better than this hellscape of despair and sadness that is my life.

Pan de Peace


2016 was a difficult year for politics around the world. As terrorism and violence ravages the Middle East and Europe, we can all hope to come together and pray for peace: Pan de Peace. Also cute girls.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 2nd Season


In this year of uncertainty and tragedy, one anime gives all of us hope. And that anime is Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. It proves that anyone, as long as you enroll in a magic battle academy, can have a harem of pretty teenage girls fighting to sit on your mighty boner-filled lap for no reason at all.

Phantom World


Musaigen no Phantom World doesn’t have a filter, and is totally committed to what it is: pure and complete fanservice from the great Kyoto Animation. It has no regard for ‘political correctness’ and tells it like it is. It does not pretend to have a plot. It speaks to the common man. And it’s the anime that we deserve in 2016.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance


Magic-Kyun! Renaissance, much like Harry Potter, takes place in a magical school. Except instead of fighting a evil wizard conspiracy and learning about the dark arts, it’s a bunch of bishounen and sparkling paintings. You see, in Magic-Kyun! Renaissance, art is literally magic that sparkles. And everyone at the school is trying to make their art sparkle.

Yeah this anime is only watchable while high.

Ange Vierge


Much like 2016, Ange Vierge is kind of shit. Even though it’s full of girls and naked bath scenes. 2016 is weird, man.

Sailor Moon Crystal III


Wait, holy shit Sailor Moon Crystal is still airing? What the fuck. People who saw the first few episodes of Crystal actually kept watching despite the art actually looking worse than the original from 1992? They made three seasons? Oh man we are fucked.

The Bee Movie


According to all known laws of animation, there is no way The Bee Movie is truly an anime. Its animation style is too 3D to be classified as a true superior anime from glorious Nippon which all inferior western animation bows in submission to. The Bee Movie, of course, is an meme anyway because Jerry Seinfeld does’t care care what smelly otaku think of his feature film.

Your Name


Our lawyers have informed us that we are legally obligated to discuss and praise Makoto Miyzaki Shinkai’s epic blockbuter romance action adventure slice of life open world fantasy RPG Your Name. So there.

Macross Delta


During the airing of Macross Delta — which is basically Macross Frontier with an even worse plot but more fabulous gang signs, Prince, Billy Paul, Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, Gene Wilder, and Arnold Palmer died. I choose to blame Macross Delta.

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