1/8 Scale Figures Placed Adjacent to 1/7 Scale Figures


FOSTORIA, OH — The atmosphere in 20-year-old Taylor Branson’s room was abruptly shattered when observers noticed that he had placed figures of different scale adjacent to each other. According to eyewitnesses, Branson placed figures from the iDOLM@STER Angelic Island series, which are in 1/7 scale, next to similar figures from the Idolmaster franchise that are in 1/8 scale.

According to reports, the haphazard arrangement has existed for quite some time now, yet Branson has not taken measures to address the issue. Some sources close to the situation claim that the mismatched arrangement atop Branson’s bookshelf has existed for months.

“It’s just a tragic situation for everyone involved,” close friend David Rourke tells Anime Maru. “He has a nice collection of figures, but with this gaffe the entire shelf is invalidated.”

“Look at Haruka and Yayoi next to Uzuki… they look like giants ready to eat the other idols. Like this is Attack on Titan or something,” another visitor commented. “Does this guy even know what he’s doing?”

Reports further speculate that the figures should be placed in a setting with a beach motif, since the figures are dressed in swimsuits, rather than next to idols in performance attire. However, all these criticisms are secondary to the fact that Haruka and Yayoi look disturbingly large next to the 1/8 scale figures. The report states that even Nendroids would have been acceptable, but figures with a one-tenth scale differentiation adjacent to each other is an “unmitigated disaster”.

Consequences of the arrangement have already surfaced, and time will tell when Branson will take action to address it.

“Taylor told me the other day that he brought a girl back to his place, but she left the instant she saw his figurine collection,” Rourke recalls. “Now I understand why.”

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