18-Year-Old Anime Fan Thinks Shinji is “Whiny” in Netflix Original Series ‘Evangelion’

FORT WAYNE, IN — Spencer Langley, 18, announced on Twitter today that he finds Ikari Shinji, the protagonist of the new Netflix Original Series Evangelion, whiny.

“The mechs in Evangelion have that cool retro look, but that Shinji is a whiny little bitch,” Langely tweeted to his 86 followers. “I don’t think anyone else has really made that observation yet for this brand new series.”

Others on Twitter and Facebook expressed their agreement.

“You’re totally right, Langley, this Shinji kid seems on the whiny side,” said Twitter user OldMechFan08. “They just don’t make mech show as good as they did in the old days like [Tengen Toppa] Gurren Lagann.”

“That Shinji dude better toughen up as the series goes on,” added Twitter DarFranxx5. “This series better have a good ending that wraps it all up, I can’t handle another series that leaves the plot dangling.”

“Shinji is a real wuss! He needs to just get in the fucking robot and fight!” posted Tiffany Winn on Facebook. “I hope the story makes up for this show’s outdated-looking animation.”

We talked to Langley’s sister to see if she had any comments on the topic

“Wait, he is still watching that anime crap?” said Asuka Langley. “That idiot! I hate this!”

Anime Maru also reached out to Langley’s parents, who are long-time anime fans, on his new revelation, but they just shook their heads and refused to comment.

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