80% of ‘Rent-a-Girlfriend’ Viewers Are Redditors, Survey Shows

Roughly four out of five surveyed viewers of the seasonal anime Rent-a-Girlfriend are avid users of Reddit, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association.

Participants were also asked for their opinions on the main protagonist in Rent-a-Girlfriend, Kazuya. Those who were active on Reddit tended to have favorable views of Kazuya, and believed that most or all of his decisions throughout the show were justified.

Reddit users also found Kazuya to be highly relatable, having no trouble self-inserting themselves into his situation. These individuals typically identified as male, were single, and had no prior sexual experiences.

When asked to describe themselves, Reddit users generally had positive things to say. Common descriptions included “intelligent”, “funny”, and “nice guy”.

While the study is ongoing, APA researchers have said that the data collected from this survey has otherwise proven invaluable.

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