A Comparison Between Fansubbers and Licensors

Visual AIDS


Today at Visual Aids we take an unbiased look at two life long enemies; the anime fansubber, and the anime licensor.

Innocent Fansubber


  1. Easy to get along with.
  2. Dedicated to his hobby
  3. Excellent taste.


  1. His only flaw is that he has no flaws.

Greedy funi licensor


  1. He’s got an almost infinite source of money.


  1. Forces you to watch ads in front of your anime.
  2. Always picking on the little guy (aka Commie Subs).
  3. Terrible taste.

About the author

Talking about himself in the third person has never be Morlock's strengths, however it would seem that duty calls for a change in POV. Hobbies include: self loathing, mindlessly consuming japanese media like the weeaboo that he is, and complaining. Mad Bull 34 is still the greatest anime Morlock has seen. For some reason he has a Twitter: @TheMorlock