Accident Causes Fairy Tail To Be Drawn in the Style of Attack on Titan


This week readers of Weekly Shonen Magazine were shocked to discover that Chapter 421 of Fairy Tail was drawn in the style of Hajime Asayama’s Attack on Titan manga. While this was initially assumed to be a special event, Mashima Hiro released a statement shortly after the release explaining that the chapter was due to a mix-up on his part.

“I was reading through a couple of volumes of Attack on Titan for inspiration for Fairy Tail’s next arc, which has them fighting giant monsters called “Colossi” and using new magic to maneuver themselves in 3D space. However, when it came to draw the next week’s chapter, rather than grabbing a volume of One Piece like a usually do, I grabbed a volume of Attack on Titan, and didn’t realize what I was copying until I was already done with the chapter.”

Fans of Fairy Tail have reacted to this mix-up with outrage, calling the new art style “hideously ugly,” and, “nothing like how One Piece is drawn.” Weekly Shonen Magazine has published an official apology for the chapter, stating, “This is something our editors should have caught, but apparently the editor in charge was not bothering to read Fairy Tail anymore. We deeply apologize; we are aware that fans of Fairy Tail are frightened by anything different, and we promise that in future the series will not deviate from the exact formula that has brought it its success. Rest assured that if anything like this happens again we will delay the chapter rather than subject fans to something so upsetting.”

A-1 Pictures has made a statement saying that they intend to adapt this chapter both in its original art style and Fairy Tail’s usual art style in their continued attempt to add as much filler to the show as possible.

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