After Moving Into the Wilderness, Man Who Hates Anime Still Can’t Escape It

Ozawa Hiroshi sits in front of his campfire, muttering inaudibly under his breath. Ozawa is one of the many Japanese people in recent times who have become disillusioned by city life. He explained to us how he used to have an apartment in downtown Toyko, near Akihabara, but over time grew annoyed by all the anime promotions and strange otaku that constantly surrounded him.

“A few years ago, I finally had enough, and moved to a smaller seaside city called Numazu,” Ozawa tells Anime Maru. “But two or three years ago, it started appearing there, too!”

In a panic, Ozawa moved into the wilderness north of Mt. Fuji and became somewhat of a recluse. After years of camping out and living on the land, it appears that anime has followed him here, as well.

“My god, there’s no escape,” Ozawa bemoaned after seeing some fans of this season’s Yuru Camp set up their anime-themed tents nearby. “I’m gonna have to move to Antarctica or something.”

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