Against All Odds: One Man’s Inspirational Anime Marathon


DECATUR, IL — Despite grueling summer heat and humid conditions, local resident Devin McCaulay completed his first full-length anime marathon last Sunday, completing the difficult 26-episode course with a respectable time of 10:55:41.

For McCaulay, this was an accomplishment that only a year ago seemed impossible. Last spring, Devin McCaulay was hospitalized after being involved in a car accident. Doctors told him there was a chance he would never walk again. The news devastated Devin and his family.

“At first I felt sorry for myself, I felt like I could no longer do anything with my life,” McCaulay told Anime Maru. “I wanted to change that, I wanted to accomplish something for myself that I could be proud of.”

After finally being discharged from the hospital, he began training for an anime marathon. Despite his physicians’ wishes that he get fresh air to rehabilitate, McCaulay pressed forward with the long and tiring training sessions. First two episodes, then four, then ten in one sitting. “There were definitely a few times I really felt like giving up, but I kept telling myself that I was strong. I could do this.”

The day of reckoning finally came last Sunday. McCaulay sat in front of his laptop at 10 am and hovered over the first episode of Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori. A few minutes before 9 pm, it was over.

McCaulay raised his arms in the air as he crossed the finish line and the ending theme played.

“It was definitely rough around episode 18, it felt like the episodes were getting longer and longer. But I got myself some water and just kept on trucking,” a sweat-drenched McCaulay proudly recalls. “I couldn’t have done this without my friends and family.”

“Oh Devin?” McCaulay’s friend Sam O’Doyle tells Anime Maru. “He’s the one who twisted his ankle last year right? I haven’t seen him in a while.”

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