Ahegao Shirt Not Helping Man’s Online Dating Profile

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA – An area man’s failed attempt at ironic humor once again reportedly prevented him from finding a romantic companion.

Max Denkers, 23, had selected a photograph of himself wearing a T-shirt covered in a pattern of ahegao faces for his online dating profile picture. The black and white hentai imagery featured prominently in the center of the photo conveying it to be a deliberate choice rather than an unfortunate accident as first assumed.

Although the man had selected the photo in order to appear humorous, multiple sources indicated that many who stumbled upon the picture felt it to be unsettling and desperate. After several weeks, Denkers reportedly was unable to get a single match with his profile.

“I thought it would at least grab me some attention,” stated Denkers when asked about his low effort method of appearing edgy and unique. “I guess people on the internet just aren’t as cultured as I thought they would be.”

Most dating consultants have advised against putting risky subject matter so upfront in a dating profile and suggest sticking to more general topics for an initial impression. Such references are generally advised to be left for subject related venues like conventions, as in-jokes between friends, or as disposable iFunny watermarked images.

Denkers was last reported thinking about removing the photo of himself in the shirt but was hesitant to then have his personality be the main reason for his poor results.

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