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Welcome to Ahogamer Reviews, where we review exclusively anime related games, as they are the only ones that matter. Today, we’ll be reviewing Nintendo’s recent hit Shinryaku! Ika Musume-themed dress-up game, Splatoon.


While I like many people was happy to hear that Nintendo was finally releasing an anime character dress-up game and particularly happy to hear it was for Ika Musume, one of my favorite characters, the game sadly does not quite live up to expectations. For one thing, I think Nintendo wasn’t able to fully secure the rights to Ika Musume herself, as they’ve replaced her with an off-brand squid girl called an “Inkling.” They’ve also included a squid boy for some reason. I assume some group complained about gender equality or something, but the boy option really doesn’t matter too much since everyone just plays as the girl.

The game offers a variety of costumes to choose from, from sports jerseys to Hawaiian shirts to a traditional Japanese apron. These are all adorable, but many of Ika Musume’s classic cosplay oufits such as her swimsuit don’t seem to be in the game. Furthermore, they make you unlock Ika Musume’s regular dress and shoes rather than having them as the default outfit, and what’s worse is that you have the option to remove her hat, which everyone knows Ika Musume is unable to do. I guess they wanted add more customizability, but they really should have a greater respect for the Ika Musume canon.

The Amiibo support is also lacking. You have to buy their version of the squid girl Amiibo to unlock the school uniform, which isn’t even the same one she wears in the original anime. Additionally, the only other amiibo are for Nintendo’s original squid boy and green squid characters. You’d think they’d at least make Amiibos of key Ika Musume characters like Eiko and Chizuru Aizawa, but alas they did not.


The gamepad doesn’t even recognize the Ika Musume figures I already own. Come on Nintendo, ever heard of backwards compatibility?

Still, the game’s biggest flaw is that in order to unlock all of these costumes you have to play a paintball minigame over and over again to earn gold. The paintball game is fun enough I guess, but it really distracts from the core gameplay of dressing Ika Musume up in cute outfits and posting them to Miiverse for others to admire.

On the whole, Splatoon is a good first step for Nintendo into the world of anime dress up games, but their inexperience at game making definitely shows. They really should do more research into game design before releasing their next game by looking at a professional game designer’s website like dressupgames.com or cartoondollemporium.com. 6.5 out of 10.

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