Ahogamer Reviews: Undertale

Hello gamers. Today I will review the latest indie hit, Undertale. Unless you’ve found yourself under a rock that blocks WiFi signals, you’ve heard people talk endlessly about Undertale. Critics have been dropping sparkling reviews left and right for this modest RPG with simple graphics and catchy music, so I decided to try it out myself.


Undertale is the story of a girl who falls into the an underground world and must find her way back to the surface. The caverns are filled with monsters, two of which you meet almost immediately: Flowey, a flower that quickly shows you what happens when you trust monsters, and Toriel, a nice yet mysterious creature that saves you from the mischievous plant.

The early portion of the game is quite easy and get you used to the combat system, which is a simple yet effective combination of traditional turn-based RPG fighting and bullet hell. The dialogue is quirky and memorable, and the level design makes the world seem expansive, even if it’s not actually that big.

After advancing through some simple puzzles, I find myself in Toriel’s home. I wake up in a bedroom, reminiscent of my bedroom in Pokemon. Like most other areas in the game I can explore around and examine things, such as the desk, the books, and the- oh what’s this?


The fucking




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