AIC announces ‘My Little Convict Can’t Be This Cute!’ Spin-Off Series


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Tsukasa Fushimi, author of the light novel series Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, has announced a partnership with AIC for an anime spin-off featuring Kirino and her struggle to adjust to life in a maximum-security prison after being convicted of the gruesome murder of her brother Kyosuke for accidentally revealing her otaku side to a group of her friends.

The show’s opening episode, which was screened to select members of the press, briefly shows her trial and the prosecution’s closing arguments. Unfortunately, most of the presented evidence was censored due to Japan’s new laws regarding depictions of extreme gore on television, but home releases are said to feature Kyosuke’s mutilated corpse.

After the trial and sentencing, viewers are introduced to Tochigi Prison — the main setting of the anime. The first episode features Kirino sharpening a shiv out of a plastic dinner tray and beginning a yuri relationship with a cellmate, suggesting a frenetic pace for the rest of the reportedly 12 episode series.

This screenshot from Kirino's trial scene is taken from the censored version screened to members of the press

This screenshot from Kirino’s trial scene is taken from the censored version screened to members of the press

When interviewed about his reasoning for such a strange spin-off, Tsukasa-san stated: “Well, honestly, part of what made me really step up my efforts for this was Prison School, although I guess the initial idea came from watching a certain Netflix show… Anyway, I realized that I was missing a lot of fetishes and perverted situations by focusing so intently on incest in the original book, and I really think that putting Kirino in prison will give me the ability to write for a much wider audience of deviants than I was able to reach before.”

He added that the current anime environment doesn’t cater enough to BDSM enthusiasts and he hopes he will be able to inspire positive change in the production industry to make sure to pander to all aberrant tastes equally.

Commenters have been almost entirely positive regarding the show, with a small subset excited to finally receive a show that caters to their niche kinks, while most were excited to finally have something new to universally agree is representative of shit taste.

“I was getting sick of having to fall back on classic OreImo and High School of the Dead when I mocked people for their anime habits, so I can’t wait for this season to release,” said 2ch user BetterOpinion, adding, “it’s perfect timing, too, since SAO II will be over before we know it, and I won’t have anything currently airing to derisively mock anymore.”

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