AMA Warns: ‘Kancolle’ Cosplay Carries Increased Risk of Hernia, Back Injuries

According to the AMA, some of the designs for these ship girls really take things a bit too far

According to the American Medical Association, some of the designs for these ship girls really take things a bit too far

CHICAGO, IL – Cosplaying as characters from the popular browser game Kantai Collection (Kancolle), which is set to be adapted into an anime series later this year, carries an increased risk of hernias, back injuries, and other orthopedic conditions, according to a statement issued by the American Medical Association.

The AMA statement read in part: “Due to many Kancolle characters having absurdly large arrays of canons, masts, and other naval hardware, cosplayers risk spinal injury caused by an overwhelming amount of crap they have to lug around conventions and other fan events.”

Kancolle cosplay, even when constructed out of lighter materials than those used for actual ships, can put dangerously high levels of strain on cosplayers’ bodies,” the statement continued, “and therefore, the AMA must recommend that Kancolle fans limit their choice of cosplay to characters like Shimakaze, who has less accessories and more revealing clothes.”

An AMA spokesperson refused to comment when questioned by Anime Maru about the specific recommendation.

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